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PROFESSIONAL FRAGRANCE MANUFACTURER We are making the world smell better and more than better.


Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Company  

Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Company Abbreviation HFF

Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Company (HFF) was established in 2003, it is a subsidiary of Handyware Philippines.We are a professional fragrance manufacturing company and scent designer, we provide organic, natural and creative fragrance compositions for fine fragrance, personal care, household care, and air care products.

As scents creator, we deeply rooted our cultural concepts of passion, innovation, excellence and sustainability into the daily activities of research & development, sales and production. 

We have a world-class laboratory and provide cutting edge ingredients fragrances to our customers, we will forever be the best in assisting our customers in searching, creating, developing innovative products so they can be more competitive. 

HFF System

Based on ISO9001, the HFF system is established with the principles of production safety, standardization process and continuous improvement. Company philosophy: "Quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous innovation".

  • Manufacturing Facility

  • Guangzhou Office

  • ISO & HALAL Certificate

Our R&D Team

  • Perfumers Our talented perfumers create delicate fragrances to fullfill every exciting area, we can also do customized fragrance to our customers.

  • GCMS Equipment we use to conduct detailed analyses on every aspect of fragrance composition and therefore able to assist customers in develop new scents.

  • Application Chemists Each fragrance before we launch into market, our technical team will conduct stability testing at every stage of the development process.

Handyware Group History

  • 2019 Handyware Thailand Co., LTD

  • 2018 Handyware Industries Nigeria LTD.

  • 2017 Singapore Handyware GMT2 PTE LTD

  • 2015 Hubei Handyware Seasoning Company

  • 2011 Handyware South Africa Industries PTY. LTD

  • 2009 Shanghai Rottweil handyware Printing Technology Company

  • 2003 Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Comapny

  • 1995 Zengcheng Handyware Seasoning Company

  • 1968 Handyware Philippines Inc. Company


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